Bank of Mum and Dad
In Your Web Browser -
First of all, go to the Google Home Page and click “Sign In”. This will take you to the log-in page, where there is an option to “create an account for free” - click this and you’ll be taken to the page where you can start putting in your details.
Enter all your info, accept their terms (you don’t have to allow Google to use your account info to personalise, it’s purely a personal preference) and click the “Next Step” button.
You’re now taken to a “Welcome!” page - click the “Get Started” button.
At the top of the page which then appears, there should be a link to “Calendar” - click this (if it’s not there, click the “More” link which will show several options, including Calendar). Set it up as you’d like it to appear (or leave it as they show it) - it’s probably a good idea to put your location & time zone in. Now press “Continue” - your default calendar will appear. We recommend using a dedicated calendar for Bank of Mum and Dad, so to do this, click the arrow next to where it says “My Calendars” (usually on the left) and select “Create New Calendar”.
On the “Create New Calendar” page which appears, enter a name for your new calendar and click the “Create Calendar” button at the bottom.
The final stage is to create a Google Picasa Web Album, which allows Bank of Mum and Dad to sync photos you might take when using the App - this is equally straight forward.
Click the “More” button at the top, then select “Photos” from the drop-down list. You may be prompted to sign in again, just enter the password which you will have already set up earlier. You’ll then be taken to a screen called “Create your Google Profile” - just enter your name and click the “Yes, Create my Google Profile” button at the bottom of the page.
Bank of Mum and Dad has been designed to be really easy to use, but sometimes matters can arise where the solution isn’t at all obvious. While we can’t predict these issues, there is one area which seems to worry lots of people - setting up a Google account so that Bank of Mum and Dad can sync between all your iPhones & iPods. Don’t worry! It’s very straight forward, and we’ve put a step-by-step guide here to take you through the process.
The iPhone App for Managing Your Kids’ Finances
You’re pretty much all set up now so that Bank of Mum and Dad can sync - press the “Settings” tab in the App and enable “Synchronise using Google”, then just enter your Google username and password in the “Google Settings...” bit of the App, and select the calendar you’ve just created.
That’s it!
Now, on your iPhone -