Bank of Mum and Dad
Bank of Mum and Dad has been designed by Parents for Parents and their Children. It makes the everyday business of keeping track of your children’s finances a piece of cake, giving you time to think about more important things!
The iPhone App for Managing Your Kids’ Finances
We’ve kept the App as simple to use as possible, with nearly no set up required - Bank of Mum and Dad will quickly become an essential tool, putting an end to those wearying arguments about how much you owe. Your kids will actually stop arguing of their own accord, as they come to realise that everyone is now better off than they were before; the hard evidence is before their eyes.
Set up accounts for each of your children
Manage all aspects of your children’s finances
Quickly set up each child’s account with a weekly pocket money payment (the payment day  and interval are changeable), and set a password so they can log in themselves in Kids’ Mode. If you want you can take a photo so it’s more personalised - that’ll show up in Kids’ Mode too, where your child can replace it with their own photo if they want!
As well as pocket money, and deposits and withdrawals, there is a History view, which gives you an overview of your child’s saving and spending habits - you can look at all transactions for any day.
An overview of your child’s financial history
You can set up Targets for your children, so they can remember what they’re saving for! More on this further down in the Kids’ Mode section.
No children’s financial planner would be complete without the means to create and keep track of Jobs - whether these are paid jobs or general stuff which they need to do, Bank of Mum and Dad can help your children when they forget about the work they said they’d do. They may even be incentivised, as they are reminded that there may be a financial reward when it’s done.
Create and keep track of Jobs your children should be doing
Now we’ve come to the bit about Kids’ Mode - where your children can keep an eye on their own financial situation. It’s in fun and child-friendly style, with a fun and easy-to-use interface. They can check out their History, the Targets they’re saving for, and the Jobs they have to do, as well as being able to customise their photo and password.
Your child can select their account in Kids’ Mode
Children can set up their own Targets, and can take a photo of it too for an added incentive! They have no control over their pocket money, payments into or out of their account, or jobs which have been set up - you need to be in Parent Mode to add or change these things.
Children can add and edit their own Targets