Munching Maggot
A simple and addictive game of skill and determination, where the goal is to stay alive for as long as possible, eating more and more fruit. The maggot gets longer and longer the more it eats, and as you advance through the levels the fruit becomes more crowded and the maggot moves faster. Control is via swipes on the screen - the maggot moves in the direction you swipe. But be careful! You cannot eat your own body, the walls, or the spiky pink stars. For those of you who may recall the classic BBC Micro game, there is an option to play with numbers instead of fruit, but we think the update is better!
A real blast from the past, Scramble brings the hugely popular ‘80s arcade game to the iPhone. The mission remains the same - stay alive as long as you can to find and destroy the enemy’s base, shooting and bombing everything in your path. Game play doesn’t get much simpler, or much more addictive, than this classic. There is also a “training” mode which allows you to practise any section for as many times as you like, which is a luxury you certainly wouldn’t have had on those old arcade machines...
Bank of Mum and Dad
Financial Management for the younger members of your household. Keep track of the children’s pocket money with this easy-to-use app, which also has a “Kids’ Mode” where the children can keep an eye on their own finances. For more information, help and setup information, and a user forum, Bank of Mum and Dad has its own dedicated website.